Vacation and a Question

I’ve been gone on vacation, and it was wonderful! I actually went without my husband or kids and visited my very best friend in Georgia. She recently had a baby and I went to help her out and just hang out with her. It had been five years since I saw her. Here’s a picture from that time. I was pregnant with my son at the time.

I did tell my husband that it may have been a mistake to go see her because it made me realize how much I missed her! I really wish I could live closer to her and not be 900 miles away.

We somehow managed to not get any pictures of us together; we were too busy snapping pics of the kids and just catching up, visiting and relaxing together! While I was there we met up for lunch with Matt and Kelli from Sick ‘Lil Monkeys. It was great meeting them in person but again….no picture! I’m really really bad about getting pictures of myself….

So as I get back into the swing of everything, with the weather getting warmer, what type of patterns do y’all like to see?

I’m working on some ideas for barefoot sandals and maybe even some “summer” slippers. I am also going to probably do some dishcloths and more graphs for the drink sleeves and arm corset. But also keep your eyes open as I may do a coaster pattern for the graphs as well.

I am going to possibly have to replace a couple of my crochet books as the airlines lost my bag on the way out to Atlanta, and it had 2 of my FAVORITE books in it for stitches plus my laptop and about $70 worth of yarn along with a partially completed project (new pattern).

I created a couple new patterns while I was visiting, a pair of pants and a beanie for my friend’s new little one.


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