Handy Cloths – Free Crochet Pattern

I have a tendency to drop cloths whether I am doing household cleaning or personal care. Enter the Handy Cloths! I decided to make a simple round scrubby and cloth size design with a handle! The scrubby size easily slips over your fingers and works great for facial cleansing or small jobs. The cloth size one can slip on to your wrist and be used as a wash or dish cloth, and I think it would also be great for wiping up spills too! My testers really liked it for those kitchen and cleaning tasks. The other great thing about the Handy Cloths design is that it easily hangs to dry after you are done with it. [Read more…]

Lacy Clover Infant Dress – Free Pattern

The Lacy Clover Infant Dress came about because I thought it would be a good combination with the Lacy Clover Bonnet and because a friend needed a baby gift for a fellow designer. It works up quick and with optional lace edging can be a bit frilly or not depending on your taste. I thoroughly enjoyed making this dress and plan on grading it down and up to other sizes as well. For now, I hope that you enjoy the Lacy Clover Infant Dress in 0-3 months. This is my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet.


Here is what my testers had to say about this dress:

Lovely baby dress that works up fast with just the right amount of lace. – Lois, Foreverett Crocheting for Hope


Another fantabulous pattern by Leah!!! Super easy to follow with great stitch descriptions and instructions that make it easy for even the most inexperienced crocheter to follow. The unique stitch pattern gives this adorable little dress a lot of texture without weighing it down. It is the perfect “take home” outfit when paired with the Lacy Clover Bonnet for every little princess. – Hollie

Lacy Clover Infant Dress Main

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Flip Flop Drink Sleeve – Graph & Pattern

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Did you know that today is National Flip Flop Day? I love flip flops in the summer and this graph is great to use for many things but I personally love it to make a Flip Flop Drink Sleeve. This also lets me enjoy my flip flops year round and not just in the summer. There are two sizes for this pattern, a can size and a cup size, and both in single crochet and Tunisian. This pattern originally appeared on the Cre8tion Crochet blog as one of my contributions there. You can find more of my patterns over there and some other great contributor patterns as well.

Flip Flop Drink Sleeve Main Image

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Toddler & Child Basic Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern

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I remember getting so frustrated because my kids have big heads and I would find patterns that didn’t give a circumference and were labeled “toddler” or “child” and wouldn’t fit my kids because their noggins were too big for the standard. I had the same trouble when they were babies as well. My babies couldn’t ever wear the newborn sizes for hats (you can find the preemie and newborn sizes of this pattern HERE and the infant sizes HERE). My Toddler & Child Basic Beanie pattern works for those kids who don’t always fit the standard because I have listed the head measurements that I based these sizes on! A great resource for sizing hats can be found HERE at Tot Toppers, this is my go-to resource if a customer is unable to measure a child’s head for me.

Toddler & Child Basic Beanie 1

Preschool size by Michele’s Divine Crochet

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Infant Basic Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

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New free crochet pattern just for y’all! This is the infant basic beanie (still to come are the toddler through child and adult sizes) in 0-3m, 3-6 m, and 6-12m. For preemie and newborn sizes, go HERE. I love having a good basic beanie pattern because if you have a base, you can go anywhere from there! I would get so frustrated because my kids have heads in the 90th plus percentile and nothing ever seemed to fit them.

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Crochet Embroidery Craft for Kids

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As I was going through Facebook the other day, one of the crochet groups that I am part of had a really neat idea for a embroidery craft for kids! I got excited about this and asked the lady who posted it if I could blog about it. She said I could so here goes! My daughter loves to create with me and has really shown interest lately in my embroidery and counted cross stitch. This project is a great way to let a little one practice new skills. Plus it is great for fine motor coordination.


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Christmas in July 2015!


My first special for the Christmas in July~Hanukkah in the Heat event is a sale! You have to keep reading to see what the code is but this is a great deal to get a head start on those holiday craft fair items.

Christmas in July Special #1

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Small Triangle Stitch Bag – Free Pattern

Last month my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet was the Triangle Stitch Market Bag. One of the readers asked if there was a way to make it smaller as she wanted to make one for her granddaughter to carry. So I quickly put my thinking cap on and set out to adjust the pattern to a smaller size.

Here is what some of my testers had to say about this pattern:

The small Triangle Stitch Bag is a quick and easy pattern with the most adorable finished product! I had a blast making it and plan on making many more!”

-Michele Orr, Michele’s Divine Crochet

“This is an adorably cute little bag that works up quickly and is very versatile. Perfect for carrying/storing those small projects in style! This delightful bag is also just the right size for little hands to carry their treasures along.”

-Betty Lewis

“The small triangle bag is perfect for little on the go projects or at the market for more delicate items like tomatoes. Well written and easy to follow instructions for a quick work up.”

-Pamela Emerson, Pammy’s Bare Beanie

So here is the Small Triangle Stitch Bag! I hope you enjoy this pattern.


Image courtesy of Michele’s Divine Crochet

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Native American Set – Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern for a Native American Set came about because I had a customer who sent me a picture and I couldn’t find any patterns that were exactly what I wanted.

So I picked up my hook and went to creating.

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