Amity Lace Child Coverup – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey everyone! Welcome to my little corner of the internet world for the Summer Activities CAL. My pattern, for your enjoyment is the Amity Lace Child Coverup. My daughter loves it, even though the sample I made wasn’t quite her size. She is modeling the Toddler size stretched quite a bit.

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Stronger Together Mini Slouch

This Stronger Together Mini Slouch was originally going to be my design for the 2016 Cancer Challenge hosted by Sweet Potato 3, but then I saw another designer had a hat that was similar….OH NO! So I messaged her and asked if she was okay with me releasing mine which she graciously agreed to. The hats are different enough that it isn’t really an issue but once I was told about the similarities I didn’t feel right releasing this without checking first. So a little delayed but here it is. This post only contains one size of the Stronger Together Mini Slouch but once I get a few edits taken care of on the final  document, the other sizes will be available as a premium pattern. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Stronger Together Mini Slouch in the child (18″) size as my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet this month.

Picture credit to Dsey Designs


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Lacy Clover Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern

My newest pattern in the Lacy Clover line is the Lacy Clover Cowl. I love the drape that was achieved with this design by using a bigger hook than what was called for with the yarn. There are multiple ways to wear it and I hope that you enjoy the Lacy Clover Cowl as much as I enjoyed designing it. There will be matching boot cuffs to follow as well, as soon as I get them written up and to my testers. This is my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet for this month.

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Stronger Together Earwarmer Crochet Pattern

It’s time for another Holiday Stashdown pattern! I’m so excited for this one. It is called the Stronger Together Earwarmer and came about as I was working on a pattern for the 2016 Cancer Challenge hosted by Sweet Potato 3. You will be able to get that pattern on the 26th when I release it for the challenge. There are also going to be boot cuffs and a cowl to coordinate with this coming soon and I am considering a set of fingerless gloves if I can get them to come out how I want them to! I hope you enjoy this pattern and get some good use out of this!


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Swirling Leaves Child Shrug – Free Pattern

I love wearing tank tops and my daughter always likes to match her mama plus she has several dresses that she sometimes needs just a little bit of something on her shoulders especially in the air conditioning. The Swirling Leaves Child Shrug was designed with this in mind. And because Rebekah likes to match me, she requested that I make one for myself as well. And then she decided that HER baby needed one. So The Swirling Leaves Child Shrug quickly became a Mommy, Dolly and Me set. This pattern is my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet.

Swirling Leaves Child Shrug Main

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Lacy Clover Infant Dress – Free Pattern

The Lacy Clover Infant Dress came about because I thought it would be a good combination with the Lacy Clover Bonnet and because a friend needed a baby gift for a fellow designer. It works up quick and with optional lace edging can be a bit frilly or not depending on your taste. I thoroughly enjoyed making this dress and plan on grading it down and up to other sizes as well. For now, I hope that you enjoy the Lacy Clover Infant Dress in 0-3 months. This is my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet.


Here is what my testers had to say about this dress:

Lovely baby dress that works up fast with just the right amount of lace. – Lois, Foreverett Crocheting for Hope


Another fantabulous pattern by Leah!!! Super easy to follow with great stitch descriptions and instructions that make it easy for even the most inexperienced crocheter to follow. The unique stitch pattern gives this adorable little dress a lot of texture without weighing it down. It is the perfect “take home” outfit when paired with the Lacy Clover Bonnet for every little princess. – Hollie

Lacy Clover Infant Dress Main

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Pamala Buttoned Slouch – Free Pattern

Today is my mom’s birthday. It is also her 5 year anniversary of being declared clear of breast cancer; although the official word won’t happen until next month when she sees her doctor. The Pamala Buttoned Slouch was originally published on Cre8tion Crochet as a contributor pattern, and more of my patterns can be found over there as well.

Pamala Buttoned Slouch Main

My mom is such a strong lady and has come through so much. She is an inspiration, and I love her! After designing this hat, I created some other designs in the Pamala line which can be found in my Ravelry store HERE. You can also read more about my mom’s story and what led to this pattern line here on the blog.

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Flip Flop Drink Sleeve – Graph & Pattern

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Did you know that today is National Flip Flop Day? I love flip flops in the summer and this graph is great to use for many things but I personally love it to make a Flip Flop Drink Sleeve. This also lets me enjoy my flip flops year round and not just in the summer. There are two sizes for this pattern, a can size and a cup size, and both in single crochet and Tunisian. This pattern originally appeared on the Cre8tion Crochet blog as one of my contributions there. You can find more of my patterns over there and some other great contributor patterns as well.

Flip Flop Drink Sleeve Main Image

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Toddler & Child Basic Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern

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I remember getting so frustrated because my kids have big heads and I would find patterns that didn’t give a circumference and were labeled “toddler” or “child” and wouldn’t fit my kids because their noggins were too big for the standard. I had the same trouble when they were babies as well. My babies couldn’t ever wear the newborn sizes for hats (you can find the preemie and newborn sizes of this pattern HERE and the infant sizes HERE). My Toddler & Child Basic Beanie pattern works for those kids who don’t always fit the standard because I have listed the head measurements that I based these sizes on! A great resource for sizing hats can be found HERE at Tot Toppers, this is my go-to resource if a customer is unable to measure a child’s head for me.

Toddler & Child Basic Beanie 1

Preschool size by Michele’s Divine Crochet

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Trellis Waves Slouch – Free Crochet Pattern

Trellis Waves Slouch

Trellis Waves Slouch

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I was recently a competitor in Round 9 of Battle of the Stitches which used the Trellis Waves stitch. When I started working one of my designs for the round, the idea for this hat came to me and I have to say that I am so in love with how the Trellis Waves Slouch turned out. It came to life exactly how I thought it would and my testers loved the design as well. This is my contribution for Cre8tion Crochet. Be sure to check her out for more great patterns from her and other talented designers. [Read more…]