Trellis Waves Slouch – Free Crochet Pattern

Trellis Waves Slouch

Trellis Waves Slouch

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I was recently a competitor in Round 9 of Battle of the Stitches which used the Trellis Waves stitch. When I started working one of my designs for the round, the idea for this hat came to me and I have to say that I am so in love with how the Trellis Waves Slouch turned out. It came to life exactly how I thought it would and my testers loved the design as well. This is my contribution for Cre8tion Crochet. Be sure to check her out for more great patterns from her and other talented designers. [Read more…]

Crochet for a Cause: Awesome Breastforms

I recently became involved with an amazing group of volunteers called Awesome Breastforms. You may already know if you have been following me any length of time, but this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. My mom is a breast cancer survivor coming up on her 5 year mark and I am loving helping other women. These knitters and crocheters have joined ranks to help provide women get their curves back. We provide breastforms absolutely free of cost to the recipient. As volunteers, we buy yarn, give our time to lovingly hand make the breastforms and then pay shipping to send them “home”. We are shipping all over the world and changing lives one woman at a time! We have also started making swim forms as well.

Awesome Breastforms Logo

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Mermaid Dreams Boot Cuffs Free Crochet Pattern

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I am so excited to be hosting the Holiday Stashdown CAL this month. My pattern this month is for the Mermaid Dreams Boot Cuffs. It is the perfect accompaniment to the Mermaid Dreams Wristers. I used some wonderful yarn from Premier Yarns, the Deborah Norville Serenity Garden in the Gems colorway. This yarn is a great alternative to the hand-dyed yarn I used from Butterfly Dreams with its long color changes and vibrant colors. There are several great colorways for this yarn.

Mermaid Dreams Boot Cuffs stitch detail [Read more…]

Lacy Clover Infant Bonnet – Free Crochet Pattern

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The Lacy Clover Infant Bonnet was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day! I wanted to use a stitch that looked like clover so I went on the hunt for one that “spoke” to me. What I found was the Clover Lattice stitch in my copy of Robyn Chachula’s Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia which is one of my go to resources for great stitches. I wanted a stitch that said springtime to me and was open enough it could be worn in spring or even summer. For summer wear, I would recommend a cotton or other breathable yarn. This is my contribution to Cre8tion Crochet.

Lacy Clover Infant Bonnet 1

Picture credit to Hollie Bobo

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Butterfly Dreams Fibers and Mermaid Dreams

Through my crochet and designing journey, I have been blessed to get to know so many wonderful people. One of them is Betty at Butterfly Dreams Crochet and Crafts. I got to know Betty when she became a tester for me and then she started to release her own designs. You can find a free pattern, Crystal Dreams Potholder, on my blog. She is now starting to venture into dying fibers under the name Butterfly Dreams Fibers.

Butterfly Dreams Fibers

When she first started talking to me about dying fibers, she mentioned sending me some to create patterns, so of course, I got excited! I requested a purple, blue and green colorway with long changes and the skein I got did not disappoint! She sent me some sport weight and when we were talking decided that the colors reminded us of mermaids. So with her business name and the yarn colors reminding us of mermaids, the Mermaid Dreams Wristers came into being! Since we were going with the mermaid theme for these, I decided to use a shell stitch on the design.

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Nautilus Baby Beanie – Free Crochet Pattern

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One of my first pattern lines was the Nautilus line. My second contribution to Cre8tion Crochet was the Nautilus Baby Beanie. It is hard to believe that this pattern has been out for almost 2 years! The inspiration for these patterns was a knit hat that I saw on Pinterest that I fell in love with. One of my favorite things is to take inspiration from knit designs and try to recreate something similar in crochet.

Nautilus Baby Beanie Collage WM

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Queue or Favorite on Ravelry

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Crochet Embroidery Craft for Kids

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As I was going through Facebook the other day, one of the crochet groups that I am part of had a really neat idea for a embroidery craft for kids! I got excited about this and asked the lady who posted it if I could blog about it. She said I could so here goes! My daughter loves to create with me and has really shown interest lately in my embroidery and counted cross stitch. This project is a great way to let a little one practice new skills. Plus it is great for fine motor coordination.


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Tips & Tricks 2: Crochet Graphs in Excel

At one point, I used Google Drawings for my crochet graphs that I create. I just recently switched over and tried one in Excel. I much prefer Excel for the graphs now! So, on the recommendation of another designer friend, Krista of Evergreen Shore, I decided to do a tutorial on how to create crochet graphs in Excel.

Crochet Graphs 1

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Free Crochet Pattern: Crystal Dreams Potholder

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I’m excited to introduce y’all to Betty of Butterfly Dreams Crochet and Crafts. Make sure you check out her Facebook page and show some love! She is an amazing hooker and has been a tester for me for a while now plus she is one of my “right hand gals”! I’m so excited to welcome her as a contributor to my little corner of the cyber world and let y’all get to know her as well. This free crochet pattern is called the Crystal Dreams Potholder.

Photo credits to: Mary Kennedy, Carol Rupprecht, Michele Orr, and Samantha Keller

Photo credits to: Mary Kennedy, Carol Rupprecht, Michele Orr, and Samantha Keller

Here is what she has to say about this pattern:

I love creating items that are eye catching and versatile. The Crystal Dreams potholder was designed with this in mind. With simple color changes this potholder changes ‘appearance’, each that I’ve seen completed takes on its own personality! This design is pretty enough to hang for home decor while still being functional as a potholder. I hope you enjoy working, displaying, and using this design; I would love to see your creations! [Read more…]

Swirling Leaves Stitch Tutorial

I have several patterns that use the Swirling Leaves stitch. It is one that I keep going back to because I thoroughly enjoy it! Sometimes when first doing the stitch, I have had people get confused so I decided to give a stitch tutorial! I don’t yet have the capability to do a video tutorial but am always willing to answer questions so if the photos don’t work for you, let me know and I will try to help in whatever way I can! So I am giving you a Swirling Leaves stitch tutorial.

WM Swatch Unforgettable Petunia

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