Swirling Leaves Stitch Tutorial

I have several patterns that use the Swirling Leaves stitch. It is one that I keep going back to because I thoroughly enjoy it! Sometimes when first doing the stitch, I have had people get confused so I decided to give a stitch tutorial! I don’t yet have the capability to do a video tutorial but am always willing to answer questions so if the photos don’t work for you, let me know and I will try to help in whatever way I can! So I am giving you a Swirling Leaves stitch tutorial.

WM Swatch Unforgettable Petunia

I am showing working in the round for this but rows isn’t very different; I just wanted to show the join for working in the round. With this stitch, you turn each round.

SL Collage 1

I usually start with a foundation round of sc in multiples of 3. For my Holiday Stashdown pattern, it is sc in the round to make the base. To start the Swirling Leaves stitch pattern, you will ch 6 (or the number indicated, I sometimes change this up depending on the pattern) that counts as a dc and ch 3. The next step is the split cluster. You start by doing 3 dc to within one step of completion around the dc of the starting ch, so make sure that they are around the bottom 3 chs of the starting ch but you will not be working into the chs just around them.

SL Collage 2

Once you have the three dc around the stem, it should look like the first picture above. Then you will sk 2 sts on the foundation round and do another dc into the next st and at the last step pull through all of the loops on the hook. Then you will ch 3 (or number indicated) between clusters.

SL Collage 3

For the next split cluster, work the 3 dc around the last dc of the previous cl. You will continue in this fashion around to the last cluster.

SL Collage 4

For the last cluster of the round, you will make the join. Complete the first half of the cluster (3 dc) as usual, then instead of making a 4th dc, you will sl st through the 3rd ch of the starting ch and pull through all loops on the hook.

SL Collage 5

For the next round, ch 1 then sl st into the ch 3 sp. Ch 6 (or number indicated) then turn. Work first half of the split cluster around the starting ch as in the previous round.

SL Collage 6

The next part of the split cluster will be worked in the ch 3 between clusters of the previous round. Then ch 3 (or indicated number) between clusters.

SL Collage 7

Continue to work the round in the same manner, with the last leg of the clusters going in the ch 3 sp between the previous round’s clusters. Work the join, the same as in the previous round.

I hope this helps y’all and gives you a chance to practice before my pattern for the #HolidayStashdownCAL2015 comes out a week from Monday. And if anyone is interested, I will do a tutorial on working the Swirling Leaves stitch in rows as some of my patterns with this are done in rows.



  1. Wendy Blakely says:

    Question: Is there supposed to be a ch 3 in between each cluster set?

  2. Wendy Blakely says:

    Thank you very much, now I understand and so excited about a new stitch.


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