My Kids Create Adventure

If you have followed me for any length of time, you will know that I don’t care for amigurumi. Generally speaking working it makes my hands hurt. I think part of it is that I hook so tight that it makes my hands cramp working in that manner.

However, I decided that this year I would help out with Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts Kids Create Contest. Sooo….I was one of the volunteer crafters to bring a kid’s drawing to life with crochet. It has been an amazing experience and allowed me to try out a new stitch (you’ll see more about that later).

Here is what I started with for my creation:

And here is what I created:

2015-05-28 20.52.45

The young man that I created from his drawing received his package Monday and the smile on his face was the best payment ever. His inspiration was Stampycat from Minecraft and I had tons of fun bringing his vision to life. This was the second year that Lisa hosted this event and I definitely want to help out again next year. If it is something that you would be interested in helping with, go check out Lisa’s Facebook page and stick around. She is an awesome lady and good friend.

For this project, I used the split half double crochet that I found out about from my lovely friend Deborah at From Grammy’s Heart (<—you can check out her Facebook page) which I have to say I loved using. It creates a nice solid fabric and my hands didn’t hurt! YAY! I will definitely be trying out some ami using this stitch. If you want to see her article and tutorial, they are very helpful and informative. Considering this was the first time that I used this stitch, I was really brave with adding color changes in as well but they look great. I can’t wait to try this on one of my graphs in a blanket or trivet. I usually use Tunisian on graphs but this might just get used for coasters and trivets in the place of that because it leaves a clean back (even though weaving in ends is my least favorite part of crocheting. I’m definitely going to have to try it out!

If you decide to use the split hdc, let me know what you thought of it; and if you go visit From Grammy’s Heart, let Deborah know I sent you!

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