Free Crochet Pattern: French Flag Graph

With the tragedy in Paris, one of my friends decided to get some other designers together and bring attention to some of the places that are accepting donations and to provide patterns that can show our solidarity with Paris. My design is a French flag graph to insert into my free drink sleeve pattern. It can also be inserted into the pattern for my arm corset. This graph can also be used in other patterns and can even be used for knit, cross stitch, perler beads and other crafts.

French Flag Collage

Please be sure to check out some of the other patterns too:

If you are looking for donation opportunities to help support France and victims of terrorism throughout the world, here are a few options:

This graph is rotated to work with the drink sleeve pattern. You will start in the bottom right corner and work right to left every row if using Tunisian crochet. If working in single crochet, work right to left for odd number rows and left to right for even number rows. For this graph, the gray should be worked in white.

French Flag Graph

French Flag graph

I hope that you enjoy this pattern for a French flag graph. Let me know what you will make with it and please share your finished projects with me. If you are interested in creating your own graphs, check back later this week or early next week for a tutorial on how to make your own graph in Excel.



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