Easter Egg Free Graph

I have been doing several patterns lately that my 16×16 graphs will fit into. Well now I have a new set of graphs just in time for Easter! I designed 2 decorated Easter egg graphs and then left a 3rd blank egg. Then I made a larger blank egg. So you are getting 4 free graphs for this one but endless possibilities!

On the blank eggs, you can do a “design your own” egg or just leave them plain. I have a friend, Jen at Louden Farms, that is going to use one for a hat with their farm logo on them. You should go check out their page on Facebook HERE or there webpage HERE. I love looking at their pictures and keeping up with (St)Eve.

One of my testers let her grandson color an egg and designed hers from his drawing. Here is his drawing:

And here is the result:
Without further ado. Here are the graphs. These are rotated for the drink sleeves but for a pdf with multiple rotations, you can purchase them by contacting me.

I also have a carrot and a bunny available for purchase. To purchase any of these graphs, please contact me.



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