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Back in October with the Holiday Stashdown CAL 2015, Marie of Undergound Crafter did a designer spotlight when I contributed a pattern to the CAL. During that, I mentioned that I had several items from Chetnanigans on my holiday wishlist. I was so excited when, as a result of that, Holly of the husband and wife team that make up Chetnanigans contacted me to review a couple of their products. I picked the Broomstick Lace Pin/Tool and the SpinOff. The only compensation I received was the products and these are my own opinions.

Chetnanigans 3

The SpinOff by Chetnanigans

First I want to tell you about the SpinOff. I was getting extremely tired of dealing with the yarn barf of pulling from the center of a ball and the tangles as the skein or ball would collapse. I also wanted something that would let me pull from a cone of cotton and keep my crochet thread neat and not rolling across the floor! While I was using this, I also found a way to use it when I am on the go which is great considering I take my crochet everywhere with me. I use the Sterilite Large Showoff bin for some of my yarn storage and I found that the SpinOff fits nicely in it and can be tipped over so the tip is not sticking out when on the go and the lid closed. For right now, I have just put one of the bins in a bag that I carry with me.

Chetnanigans 1


For most purposes, I personally preferred to set it up in the vertical position as seen above but for the thread I preferred the horizontal set up. I had so much fun using this and there was no yarn barf and no tangling and smooth pull off on every type of yarn I tried it with. YAY! I used this with Bernat Satin, cotton, fine weight yarns, a hand wound ball, thread and a cotton cone. I thoroughly recommend this product and can’t say enough how happy I am with it!

Chetnanigans 5

Chetnanigans Broomstick Lace Pin/Tool

Chetnanigans 4

This is the broomstick lace tool. Again, I am so glad that I received this. I have played around with broomstick lace before and never really got into it because I would use a dowel or big knitting needle and the balance just wasn’t there. The broomstick lace tool completely changed that for me and I plan on getting the smaller one as well. This was so much fun to use. The yarn moved smoothly over the pin and I would tuck the ball end under my arm or in the crook of my knee when working with the loops. Expect to see some patterns coming with broomstick lace once I decide what I want to make!

I also found a secondary use for this tool. It works really well for using to hand wind balls of yarn. I have a tote full of bits of yarn or collapsed skeins from my center pull days. This is great for doing small balls of yarn. Stayed tuned because in a week or so I am going to give a photo tutorial and a video on how I did that using the broomstick lace tool.

Chetnanigans 2

I have used both items numerous times since receiving them. They are well made and I love that I am supporting another small business. I have definitely added more items to my list and will be getting more of their products. It has been a great pleasure working with Holly and Sean and I look forward to doing so more in the future. Make sure that you are subscribed to my newsletter (you can sign up to the right or click here) for an extra treat from Holly and Sean next week just for my readers. Go check out their shop and let me know which is your favorite item from Chetnanigans!



  1. Thanks, Leah!!! Great review. I can’t wait until your newsletter subscribers get their surprise!

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