Tips & Tricks 2: Crochet Graphs in Excel

At one point, I used Google Drawings for my crochet graphs that I create. I just recently switched over and tried one in Excel. I much prefer Excel for the graphs now! So, on the recommendation of another designer friend, Krista of Evergreen Shore, I decided to do a tutorial on how to create crochet graphs in Excel.

Crochet Graphs 1

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Free Crochet Pattern: French Flag Graph

With the tragedy in Paris, one of my friends decided to get some other designers together and bring attention to some of the places that are accepting donations and to provide patterns that can show our solidarity with Paris. My design is a French flag graph to insert into my free drink sleeve pattern. It can also be inserted into the pattern for my arm corset. This graph can also be used in other patterns and can even be used for knit, cross stitch, perler beads and other crafts.

French Flag Collage

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Farmyard Friends – Crochet Graphs

I have some new crochet graphs available to purchase in my store. Please welcome the Farmyard Friends! I have not put them on Ravelry yet because they are standalone graphs that can be plugged into any of my patterns that call for a 16×16 graph and can also be used in the wrister patterns from Sick ‘Lil Monkeys which can be found here and here.

These particular graphs work really great for sippy cup covers. As with all my individual graph patterns, the graph comes rotated 3 ways to allow you to choose how to work it.


Photo credit to Betty Lewis

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Easter Egg Free Graph

I have been doing several patterns lately that my 16×16 graphs will fit into. Well now I have a new set of graphs just in time for Easter! I designed 2 decorated Easter egg graphs and then left a 3rd blank egg. Then I made a larger blank egg. So you are getting 4 free graphs for this one but endless possibilities!

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Simply Elegant Arm Corset – Free Crochet Pattern

I wanted to have an easy project for someone who is new to graphs that would be good for warmer weather. So I came up with this arm corset! I love how it looks and the simplicity of it. It is a great pattern for someone who is new to graphing. I have included TWO graphs in this post. One is the leopard heart from the drink sleeve post rotated for the cuff and the other is a butterfly that is a new release perfect for beginning to graph. This can also be worked without a graph and looks great plain in both the single crochet and the Tunisian.


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Leopard Heart Graph & Basic Drink Sleeve – Free Crochet Pattern

About a week ago, I released my can size sleeve HERE. This one is the slightly larger size good for cups. I love these for all seasons. They are great for cold weather when you don’t want to burn your hands with your cup and for hot weather when you don’t want wet hands from sweaty cups. both sizes also work great for sippy cups. Which size you use would depend on the cup.
I created a new graph the other day as well and I love how it looks on this. It is a Leopard Heart graph.

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Basic Can Sleeve-Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve decided to release some of my basic patterns for free here on the blog! This is the single crochet and Tunisian version of my drink sleeve that will fit cans. These can also have 16×16 graphs inserted in them as well. The graphs are available for sale in my store. Just click on the store tab above to purchase graphs. Sick ‘Lil Monkeys also has graphs that can be plugged in as well. There are also 3 graphs with the pattern already plugged into them available on the Cre8tion Crochet blog. They are for flip-flops and swimsuits. The swimsuit graphs include a two piece and a one piece.

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