Meet The Bubble Hook Maker – An Interview

I’m very please to provide y’all with a little peek at what it is like to be a clay hook maker. Kelli was kind enough to do an interview with me. I asked her some questions of my own and asked some that came from my Facebook page. One thing I do know, I didn’t ask her exactly how she makes her hooks. They are her art, and I wouldn’t ask an artist about their process even one who is a friend like Kelli is to me.

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Sick Lil Monkeys Bubble Hooks: A Review

I want to start off saying that I am not receiving any compensation for this review. I love Kelli’s hooks and just wanted to share my thoughts on them with all of you.

I have 2 bubble hooks from Kelli and am about to order another one to add to my collection. Here are the ones I already have.

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