Butterfly Dreams Fibers and Mermaid Dreams

Through my crochet and designing journey, I have been blessed to get to know so many wonderful people. One of them is Betty at Butterfly Dreams Crochet and Crafts. I got to know Betty when she became a tester for me and then she started to release her own designs. You can find a free pattern, Crystal Dreams Potholder, on my blog. She is now starting to venture into dying fibers under the name Butterfly Dreams Fibers.

Butterfly Dreams Fibers

When she first started talking to me about dying fibers, she mentioned sending me some to create patterns, so of course, I got excited! I requested a purple, blue and green colorway with long changes and the skein I got did not disappoint! She sent me some sport weight and when we were talking decided that the colors reminded us of mermaids. So with her business name and the yarn colors reminding us of mermaids, the Mermaid Dreams Wristers came into being! Since we were going with the mermaid theme for these, I decided to use a shell stitch on the design.

When I asked Betty why she got interested in dying fiber, here is what she told me:

I became interested in dying fibers due to my love of colors. Especially unique and atypical combinations of colors. I have a tendency to love shades and hues of colors that are not ‘commonplace’ or readily available in standard yarn options. I decided to offer hand dyed yarn for purchase so that others can also enjoy the beautiful results that are achievable through hand dying.

This is the lovely yarn that she sent me; although, I can’t get the purple to be just right and my pictures do not do it justice! I will definitely have to try and get more pictures with a more accurate portrayal of the purple. I have received so many compliments on these wristers and the colors in the yarn by Butterfly Dreams Fibers. My daughter had to have a matching pair so the child sizes will be coming soon for a wonderful Mommy and Me opportunity.

Mermaid Dreams in Butterfly Dreams Fibers

You can find the pattern in my Ravelry shop or just click the button below to buy now!


Here is what some of my testers had to say about the wristers!

I love the Mermaid Dreams Wristers! They are light weight and elegant but also keep your hands warm. Great for a little extra warmth inside or out! – Michele Orr, Michele’s Divine Crochet

These are beautiful wristers that are light enough to wear during the milder months. – Cecelia Edwards, The Palmetto Hooker

Love the look of these wristers! They are beautiful and lightweight, good for any season! – Laura Fanelli, Laura Mae’s Crochet

Let me know what you think of the Mermaid Dreams Wristers and be sure to check out Butterfly Dreams Fibers so you can stay up to date on when she starts offering her lovely hand dyed creations for sale.



  1. Beautiful writers Leah!


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