Bunnies Roundup! 10 free crochet patterns

All pictures belong to the pattern designers and are used with permission and/or credit.

With Easter quickly approaching, I decided that I wanted to do a roundup of bunny patterns. They are all so cute and hopefully there is something for everyone! Keep your eyes peeled if you like bunnies because I will probably follow it up with paid patterns a little later!

  1. Spring Bunnies  (All About Ami) – I’m not a huge fan of making ami because my hands start to hurt but I love how it looks! These little bunnies are just so cute though that they almost make me want to give it another go.
  2. Easy Crochet Bunny (The Green Dragonfly) – I love how colorful these are. So many endless color possibilities with this pattern!
  3. Bunny Egg Basket (Yarnspirations) – As much as I love tapestry crochet, this just screams out my name! If you do the egg hunt that each child gets a certain egg color, this basket would be perfect with the bunnies in the coordinating color.
  4. Bunny Comfort Blankie (Salena Baca – Red Heart) – This is such a sweet little pattern and would be so easy to make. My kids still love having a blanket and a stuffed animal. This would make carrying around both so easy!
  5. Spring Bunny applique (Love The Blue Bird) – I ran across this pattern a few years ago and it is still one of my go to patterns for a bunny applique. These could also be strung together for a bunting. My children like to use them for boo-boo bunnies. I made several in cotton and they will get them wet with really cold water and put them on their boo-boos.
  6. Floppy Bunny Hat (Simply Homemade with Mama G) – The ears on this pattern are my go to for bunny ears. I do the inside layer in pink and then do the hat and the outer layer in my bunny color. I do use my own simple dc hat pattern but that is just because I like it so much. I do that with just about anything that needs a basic base.
  7. Crochet Bunny Hat (Repeat Crafter Me) – Love the little face on this bunny hat. Paired with the diaper cover with a tail, SO CUTE!
  8. Chocolate Easter Bunny (Claudia Lowman) – I love this chocolate bunny pattern! So cute and great if you are trying to cut back on the hyped up children from sugar!
  9. Easter Marshmallow Bunnies (Doni Speigle) – I hate Peeps. To me they are the nastiest little things ever but these bunnies are super cute!
  10. Pull a Rabbit Out of Your Hat (Linda Green) – This one isn’t strictly an Easter bunny but I like it too much to not include it. I don’t know about you by my kids would love to have this to play with.

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